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New Service Request

Depending on the Configuration Packages your administrator has created, the information within the New Service column will change.  For the purposes of this document, we show you a how to submit a basic service request.  Please keep in mind that the information you see on within your Subscriber Portal may change. 

1.       If you are not already on the Service Request window, click the Service Requests link at the top left hand corner of the Subscriber Portal window


2.       In the menu bar directly below the logo, click on the New Order link.

3.       The screen changes to display up to three columns, the first column holds all the new service work orders you can perform. 


4.       Within the New Service list, click on the appropriate link.

5.       A popup opens, within the popup complete the necessary fields.  The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, you must enter a value in each of those fields. 


6.       For each work order type, the Notes field is required.  You must enter a comment in this field before you can Save & Close the work order. 

7.       Once all the required fields are completed, within the lower right hand corner of the pop-up click on the Save and Close button. 

8.       You will receive a message when your request has been saved and sent to the help desk.        

9.       Click Close to continue.  

Adding Another New Service Request

When you create a new service request it is very easy to create another.  After you have completed the required fields for a request, instead of clicking on the Save & Close button, click on the Add Another… button. 

Once you click the Add Another button, the Paste from previous button becomes available.  Click on the button to copy everything from the previous work order to new one.  Before you save you can change any of the fields.   

You can continue to click the Add another button until you have submitted all the required work order requests.  When you are at the final work order, click on the Save All & Close button. Once all the work orders are saved you will receive notification with the different work order numbers. 


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