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The newest addition to CAIRS is the super search. The Super Search eliminates the need to navigate throught several menu items to find a record.  It allows you to search for any item within the software.  You can search for a portion of a telephone number, an action, all subscribers named Frank, or pretty much anything you can come up with!

The Super Search also allows for some pretty easy keyboard navigation.  For each of the top search results, a function button is associated allowing you to simply press the button on the keyboard to open the record. 

Next to the search text box, you will notice a dropdown box: this box allows you to select what portion of the software you want to search in.  For example, you ca select Subscribers and only search for the records with Frank in any portion of the name.  

Before we go into performing a search, let’s talk about the wild card searches that you can perform.  Whenever you click in the search textbox, the results pane changes to display a list of wild card searches.  The following options are available:

·         You can use the * as a substitute for a group of character within a search parameter. For example, if you search for ca*n, the results would return such items as Carlson, calibration, etc. 

·         You can use the ? to substitute for one character within the search parameter. For example, if you want to search for all A?R, the results would return such records as AWR, air, etc. 

·         To perform an exact match on your search parameter, enclose it in double quotes. For example, “1665” would display only those records that perfectly match 1665.

·         You can use the ~ to search for a parameter with spelling mistakes. For example, if you type in gneral hsopital, the system will return no matches.  However, if you search for gneral~ hsopital~, it will match on general hospital and return any matches. 

·         You can filter you search parameter by clicking the dropdown arrow next to All to select a specific category.  You can even search on a specific menu, action or view.

There is some setup required to make the search work.  Please refer to the System Admin  Service Management Search Engine to learn how to setup the search. 

Performing a Simple Search

You can either use your mouse to click in the Search text box or press the CTRL + F on your keyboard to access the textbox.  From there all you have to do is type in your search parameter. It’s that simple!

Viewing a Results

Next to the top 9 search results is a F button. Press the corresponding button on your keyboard to view the record.  Alternatively, you can click on any search result to view the record. 

If your search results span more than one page of information, there will be links to the next page at the bottom of the results. To move to the next page, click on the number or on the Next button. 

Filtering your Results

The dropdown box next to the Search Parameter textbox allows you to filter your search to a certain category.  For example, you select Actions and only search for actions that contain the word delete.  You can select any menu option as well as, users, menus, actions, and views. 

Results by Record Type

You can further filter your search results by clicking on any selection below the Results by Record Type.  There are several selections available based on your search parameter.  The type with the most records appears at the top of the list.  To view the corresponding results, click on the type. The results pane displays the records. 

Recent Searches

You can quickly access all the recent searches performed below Recent Searches.  Please keep in mind that this is only searches that you have performed. This will not display searches performed on other computers.  To access the results for the search, click on the selection to display the results. 

If you want to start fresh, click on the Clear All link next to Recent Search to remove all previous parameters. 

Recent Records

All the records you have viewed from your search results appear beneath Recent Records.  To access any record, click on the link to open the complete details.

Again, if you want to start fresh, click on the Clear All link next to Recent Records to remove all previously viewed records.  


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